SizeGenetics Frequently Asked Questions

How does SizeGenetics work?
The basic concept of SizeGenetics is centered on a foundation for basic human muscle enhancement. The same way we increase the size of other muscle groups in our body (lengthen and strengthen the muscle fibers) is the concept of the SizeGenetics Extender. It works by simply applying a constant traction force along the base and shaft of the penis. This make it longer, thicker, and harder. As the overall capacity of the penis is expanded, the tissue will grow to fill the void. This provides lasting and noticeable results.

Where to order SizeGenetics ?

The only place to order SizeGenetics Is from official site

Is the SizeGenetics device safe to use?
Yes it is. It is a certified medical type 1 device. It carries an official European CE health stamp. The feedback from users has been very satisfactory, with few reports of any problems associated with the product. When used correctly, the chances of complications are extremely low.

Is there any medical backing for this device?
There have been numerous established doctors in current practice that have endorsed SizeGenetics. Doctors have reaffirmed that it is both safe and conceptually sensible to inducing growth. This provides full assurance that the product will deliver on its promises.

How long will it take before results are noticeable?
Most of our customers see results within a matter of weeks. The speed of growth is highly dependent on the amount of time the device is worn, and how consistent (daily) the user is using the device. Even with modest use, results will be evident after just one month under most any criteria.

Are the results permanent?
The enlargement will be a permanent solution. Cytokinesis is the concept of increasing the amount of tissue cells in an area. With this concept, the cells that are induced into the penis tissue will stay for the long haul. The traction force of the SizeGenetics Extender promotes cytokinesis at a consistent rate.

How long should I wear the device each day?
While this is highly up to the preference of the user, it is strongly recommended to use the device between three and six hours per day. This will promote fast and noticeable growth, while keeping the tissues of your penis healthy. It is important to note that every hour counts the same. In other words, the results of 50 hours of use would be the same as 10 days of 5 hours per day, or 25 days of 2 hours per day. The result will be the same. For the fastest results, the more hours per day that you wear it, the quicker your results will be.

What happens when I stop using SizeGenetics?
Contrary to what you may believe to be true, you won’t see any size decrease. The tissue itself is altered with the addition and growth of new cells. These new cells won’t disappear just because you stop using the product.

Can I still use the SizeGenetics Extender if I am uncircumcised?

Yes. Whether you are circumcised or uncircumcised, you will be able to safely and effectively use the device. The comfort level will be equal for both situations.
Does my penis have to be a certain size to use the SizeGenetics Extender?
The short answer is no. For those looking to increase the size of their penis, most any length and girth will work property with this device. A fully erect penis of 9 inches or longer will, however, require extra parts in order to benefit from the device. While this is a rare circumstance, it is something that has been thought of. This allows both large and small endowments to use the device effectively.

Will SizeGenetics weaken my erections?
Actually, SizeGenetics will strengthen your erections by promoting better blood flow to the tissues of the penis. You won’t have any trouble getting an erection while using the SizeGenetics Extender.

Can I still have sex while doing the SizeGenetics treatment?
Of course you can. While not wearing the device, you will find that your sex life will still be capable, and often, improved. You will achieve stronger and longer lasting erections on a consistent basis. You will see this added benefit improve your sex life, along with the extra size with continued use.

Do I need to worry about people discovering what I am ordering?
We understand that any sexual product is a sensitive issue. The biggest worry that most customers have isn’t about the product, but rather about the billing and shipping.

You billing statement will be labeled ‘DaniMedic’. This provides a discreet and comfortable assignment to your funds on your bank statement. Upon receiving your order, you will discover that the box is plain and free of any labels or details. This won’t draw any suspicion to those handling the package, or those pesky neighbors who may be curious!

How long will this device last?
This device is actually expected to last for the entirety of your treatment. Due to the nature of what the device is actually doing, there won’t be any foreseeable problems that could arise. The only extra parts that you would ever need to order are for extended length after a continued treatment regimen. At that point, most customers are more than happy to order the parts as they have seen the results.