male extra

don’t usually write reviews for anything. But I think its important to start separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to penis pills. And Male Extra is the best ones I’ve ever come across. I’m not someone who needs Viagra. My penis gets hard just fine, but I’ve always felt I lack the edge that puts me into the Elite level of penis performance I’ve always wanted. I’ve always been a pretty standard specimen. But I’ve always wanted more. My girlfriend has been with me for more than a year now. We’re both in our 30’s. We both have a past. And I know that she’s been with some dudes who are, shall we say, on the stud end of the sex spectrum. I just want to give her what she needs, what she knows. I always knew she liked our sex, but could handle more than I was giving her, even if she never said anything.

Anyway, back to these pills. Male Extra is different than a lot of other male enhancement pills and exercises I’ve tried. For one, they emphasize exercise along with the pill regimen. So for 2 months, I’ve been jelqing and kegeling every day, along with my 3/day pill dosage. And I have seen a difference (and so has my girlfriend). For one thing, my dick is longer. I can chalk that up to the jelqing: pushing blood into the end of the penis until it stretches longer over time. But I’ve also experienced a lot of enhancement to my penis girth and overall hardness. It’s not even just harder, it’s more…alive! It feels like it does when I haven’t climaxed in a few days and am really eager to cum. But its like that every time.

My girlfriend can feel it. I fill her up more than I ever have before. We didn’t notice anything at first, but then after about 5 weeks of religiously pilling and jelqing, it’s like a lightswitch flipped. Now it’s like she has to be careful not to overdo it on my penis, but she wants it more than ever. She’s initiating sex like I never dreamed possible. Sometimes she’ll wake me up on top of me ready to go. It’s truly incredible. It’s made all the difference in our relationship. I feel like we’re on the same side like we haven’t been in awhile. Less arguing, getting along way better. All that.

I’m not sure the science of how all this works, but it has to have something to do with the pomegranate. The advertising says that the active ingredient in pomegranate increases bloodflow throughout the body, particularly in the penis. This seems to REALLY be the case. I haven’t had radiant, throbbing boners like this since I was like 15, and was in no position to use them like I can now. I have run through my first three month supply of Male Extra at this point and am waiting for my refill to come in the mail, but there seems to be no diminishment in the quality of my erections or in my sexual performance. I’ve really gained a confidence sexually, and in the strength of my relationship with my girlfriend. She looks at me in the different way than she did before, and this goes beyond the bedroom. It’s almost like she looks up to me more. Like she depends on me, doesn’t know the full extent of what I have going on inside me, but trusts me to be the man for her. I know this is just a side-effect of the supplement, but I’m just really glad I came across Male Extra when I did. It’s changed my life in a way I didn’t think possible. I’ve been recommending this stuff to several of my friends and I think one of them is finally going to give i a try for himself. I have no doubt that it’s going to revolutionize his sex life and his life in general.

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