My Personal SizeGenetics Results

For the past year, I have been using SizeGenetics Extender. Before I started using this product, I was at an average length and girth. Like most of you who are reading this article, I had tried dozens of ‘guaranteed’ products from stores and infomercials hoping to find something that worked. The results were always the same: no noticeable difference!

Although I was skeptical after having tried so many products over the years, I decided to give SizeGenetics a try. I aim only to share my honest review of this product. My results were surprising, yet very much welcomed!

How does SizeGenetics work?
SizeGenetics isn’t some magical pill that claims ‘natural herb remedies’ or any of that garbage. It is a device. Much like you would increase the size of your arms by elongating the muscle and building stronger fibers, the concept of SizeGenetics is a proven method of body development.

To use SizeGenetics, you simply have to wear the product. For the best results, you have to wear SizeGenetics at least 3 hours per day. While longer intervals can increase size at a faster rate, it will take several months to see noticeable gains at the beginning.

Putting on the device is actually quite simple. Unless you are already well-endowed, you will need to get your penis semi-erect. When you get to this point, you will adjust the elongation bars to a point that you feel tension with no pain. If you adjust too much, your penis will slip out of the device, and you could cause yourself injury if you ‘over do’ it.

The true beauty of SizeGenetics is the convenience that it provides. You can wear it at work under your work clothes or simply lounging around the house. You want to avoid tight-fitting clothing as it will be both uncomfortable and quite noticeable. Regular fitting pants are always welcome! You can sleep with the device on, although you will want to avoid sleeping on your stomach as it may cause minor discomfort. With proper clothing, concealing SizeGenetics isn’t an issue in any way.

The SizeGenetics Extender can support a penis up to 10 inches! For users who are in this category, it will be a bit more uncomfortable to wear, but still entirely plausible. Concealing the extender in public will be harder when at this length as well.

My Results
After merely one month of use, I saw a .5 inch gain in length. The gains will be permanent after at least 8 months of use, but initial gains stayed with consistent use.

Unfortunately, I took an extended break from the product for some personal reasons. Since I hadn’t been using the product for an extended period of time, my results faded over time. Determined to get back on the ball, I began to use the product on a consistent basis.

After 6 months of consistent use (3-5 hours per day, 5 days per week), I gained 1 inch of length. I continued to use SizeGenetics for a full year, and I continued to gain consistently. My erect penis length increased by 1.8 inches! I took a break for a two-week period to determine how ‘permanent’ these gains would be. I was pleased to discover that my length held an increase of 1.4 inches after this break.

What Product to Purchase
For the skeptics (like myself at the time of purchase), the Value Edition will suffice to introduce you to the concept. It includes the stretch, which is a medical type 1 device, and an instructional DVD. For a beginner, it will work to get you acquainted with the product.

After you have tried out the product, you will discover that you want a bit more ‘bang for your buck’. While the Value Edition will meet your needs, you will likely desire more comfort and a harder stretch. If you have the ability to purchase one of the two higher options, you definitely should! The top options are the Advance Comfort and the Ultimate System.

The extras that you will receive with the higher options will pay for themselves in the long run (trust me on this one).

-The 58 Way Ultimate Comfort System is a multi-head piece (shown on the right) that contains parts and head beds that promote lower friction. This ultimately locks in the head of your penis for added comfort. This is highly desirable for long-term users (as you should be).

-Traction Plus Powder is included only with the Ultimate System. This creates friction between the stretcher and the penis so that the pressure will be stronger. It can also be replaced with baby powder.

-The Aftercare Moisturizer will work to soothe and rehabilitate the tissue on the penis to promote growth and regeneration.

How is the Product Shipped?
I (like many of you) was a bit nervous about people discovering what I was purchasing. After all, this is a private matter. I was pleased to see that SizeGenetics had 100% discreet shipping and delivery of their product. The box was generic without any labels. It is a U.S.A. based product, so shipping within its borders is rather fast. International shipping will obviously be a bit delayed, but the wait will be well worth it!

Where can you Buy SizeGenetics?
You should order SizeGenetics directly from their official website . The components are made in the U.S.A. and are of the highest quality. This is the ONLY way to guarantee the official product that I am reviewing.

You will find hundreds of similar products on eBay and similar platforms. I can’t stress enough that you should avoid these like the plague! The components are typically of a poor quality, and the results are loosely tested. With such a sensitive area of the body, you should never take a risk.

Why you should Buy SizeGenetics?
I was skeptical just like you may be. I felt like I had tried everything, and that I was stuck with what I was given (so to speak). SizeGenetics simply delivered the results I had so desperately sought. If you want a product that works, doesn’t break the bank, and isn’t a hassle in your everyday life, then SizeGenetics is for you!